A. Summer has a book coming out in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS! OmiGAWD.
1. It's Irrational Arousal
2. when I Google Irrational Arousal to see if it's listed on Ellora's Cave site yet. (No, it's not) I find people using that phrase as a nifty psychiatric term.
2a. Arousal in those examples seems to mean anger, nothing more interesting.

B. my current historical is giving me fits, again.
1. I think I have to dump the whole second part and rethink the plot
2. I keep wanting other people to help but then going naawwww I don't think so when they make suggestions.
3. God, I hate that thing.

C. I've abandoned it to
1. start another historical.
2. and go make an ass of myself here.
2a. I'd link to the actual thread but then I might be tempted to comment, again, and we're all sick of the subject by now.
2b. HEY THIS IS WAY COOL! I clicked on my own link and saw azteclady put up a review of Bonnie Dee's latest book A Hearing Heart. YAY! That is most definitely not the thread I was talking about. I love that book. Looks like Azteclady does too. That thread is worth going to directly.
3. check to see if there are more reviews of Jane L's non-existent book over at dear author. I'm loving those.
4. watch the first season of Burn Notice.
4a I have become a Burn Notice addict.
5. hide the chocolate from my sons and husband.
6. eat it when they're not looking.


  1. Just crawled out from under my rock to remind you of my deep and abiding adoration for every word that drips from your platinum-plated, smut-writing fingertips.

    Wow, it's bright out here.

    Oh well. See you next year. *blows kisses*

  2. I loves me some Burnt Notice.

    I loves me some smut too.

  3. SELAHHHH. Oh how I miss you. Get back out from under that rock.

    It took me a couple episodes to like the show. My kid was watching it and I was in the Responsible Parent mode and decided I had to see what he was watching.

    We got so addicted we had to go to amazon and buy the first couple of seasons we missed.

    I still fear my kid'll try some of those Tips for Spies.

  4. Hey! Summer and I are probably sharing a release date at EC. (Two Knights in Camelot is out 9/23) We should party it up.


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