didja miss me?

I sure let a lot of time slide between entries. Oh. Uh oh! Heads up. In late breaking news, my poor kid has more homework than he thought. It is all Allie's fault he tells me. Bad Allie. It's her fault he has to sit on the couch and write and write. But now he's done so he forgives her.

Here's what else is new.



Where're those post generators when you need them? How about an interview. Sure!

What are you doing, Kate?
listening to Gnarls Barkley with Janice Joplin and Arcade Fire and Modest Mouse to come. The 16-year-old is lining up the play list. I like it.
And I'm writing in my blog

what did you do today?
worked on my mofo Summer Devon page because it needs redoing reupdating etc. Here's some advice: Don't pay for any services way in advance and don't buy big BIG services through an auction. Just saying. This is about the fourth time I've done something like this and while it isn't as bad as when I paid Fwank (aka our Eldon) for jobs around the house, it's not good. Also jeezgawwwwd. I hate webpage stuff. It's so not what I do well. If you knew how long it took me to do my kate page you'd be appalled.

what else was exciting today?
Put JMC's thing in the mail (again) AT LONG FREAKING LAST. And I got a free coffee at Borders. And I finished writing a story. Oh no, I did not pay bills and I know there are some mean nasty charges waiting to rap my knuckles. shit, shit. The dog is clean. This is important. She's still biting her butt, the thoughtless bitch.

what is your five year plan?
More of the same but better paid and better plotted.

What Who are you fretting about?
Jessica Trapp and Margaret.

Huh. This album has a bunch of songs that just...


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