a visit from a few days ago.....

every now and then my neighbor borrows some books. He's got eclectic taste, but he doesn't much like romance. Ha. That's what he said.

my neighbor, handing me back a book: I want more books from this author.

me: hey, what a coincidence, me too. good suspense, eh?

neighbor: yeah, how many more books does she have out.

me: Yo, G, did you notice it's a romance?

neighbor: sure. I got it. I want more books by her. She have more books?

me: she has another one coming out any minute I think. And I bet she'll have more coming after that because she's getting pretty good press.

neighbor: really? I've never heard of her.

me: well, she's not getting it in this country. And sorry I don't have her next book.

neighbor: oh. Well. Let me know. I guess I can buy her next copy.

me: good luck on that. As far as I know, it's not going to be for sale in this country.

neighbor: wtf?

me: she's Australian.

neighbor: I got that. Jeez. But not available here? Not even on amazon?

me: nope. At least I don't think so

neighbor: That's just not right.

me: yeah, that's what I think too.

........fast forward to today. And look, someone else who apparently doesn't think much of standard romance likes her, too.


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