why no SBD?

I have three full novels I want to read on my computer and can't open any of them. One is by Linda, one is by Charlene and one is by a perfect stranger.

I can't get this stupid machine to work, so I'll write my own novel instead.

Speaking of trapped by an inhuman machine, I'm listening to two books by authors whose work I loathe but can't leave. I can't quit their stupid series. Hatred roils through me but I can't hit pause.

In unrelated news, JMC, if you happen by here? There's a good reason you didn't get your prize package--the reason is my assistant's utter incompetence and let's just leave it at that. You'll get it soon.

Other than my dog, I have no assistant.


  1. Aww. Is the problem format? You can haz PDF. Let me know. Curses on the machine. Although woot for you writing.

  2. I got it open! I got it OPEN! I overcame the gremlins and can use muthafuckin WORD!

    of course I also ordered a new computer for my birthday, but that's fine. It'll be cute and fun.

    Now I'm going to go save all those documents and finally get that reading done.

  3. A new computer is a very cool b-day present.

    That damn assistant...you should fire her! ;)

  4. Yup, happy almost B-day to the both of us, sweetie. And aren't we the same age, too? I can never remember.

    As for me, let's hope #48 is better than #47.


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