I'm on the radio in ohio

you can hear me, It's in the archives already. Click on the "talk at ten" link (on the right side. "community radio at its best!") and then on "Thursday."

Do this in internet explorer because it won't work in firefox.

I listened to a lot of the interview and, naturally, of course, duh..... all I can hear are my mistakes.

I mean, dude, one of my freaking CRIT partners just got a multi-book offer from an ebook publisher. And what's this about agents not caring about ebook because there's no advance? Bull hockey. Ebooks don't require you to be agented that's why people don't bother. Oy.

And the word is NOT epistemological. I'm too busy now to find WTF word I did mean. A collection of letters. That format. Whatever it's called.

That's enough. I have to go clean up the kitchen before the stove repair man shows up.


  1. Anonymous2:38 PM

    Ahhhh Kate, I miss your voice!

  2. Epistolary. (I think.) You were REALLY close.

    I never get on the radio. Waah.


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