Over at Beth's, the phrase that pays: "Yummier than a sloppy fuck." Beth refers to some mighty fine coffee, but I see some old lady bellowing that after a bite of casserole. (Tuna casserole, of course.)

Speaking of embarrassing the children, I'm going to be at a signing today (Saturday, Sept 5th) at 2 pm. at the Farmington, Connecticut Borders. That's the one near the Dunkin Donuts--not the one in the mall. There will be me and a passel of other writers. Yay us! Jessica Andersen is the most famous in our group.

I'm going to haul along all my Summer Devon titles because I'm suspicious about this signing. I'm listed as Kate Rothwell and I'm not even sure I still have a book in print under that name. I haven't checked in a while because when I check myself I just get cranky. Last I looked, Somebody to Love was still in print but that was last year. A hundred years in the book world.

But hooo-boy, do I have a lot of Summer Devon titles. I should take a picture of them all. The covers tend to be blurry and brown. An elegant sort of a brown--burnished.

If you come see me today, maybe I'll give you SD title. I won't be able to sell it anyway. (Not in the bookstore's stock)


  1. The preferred usage is "sweeter than a sloppy fuck", of course, primarily employed in relation to fantastic baked goods. But we must alow for improvisation.

    Have fun at the bookstore. Here is some wisdom from shitmydadsays: "Everybody loves that Da Vinci code book. Bullshit, it sucks. I read it. It's for all the dummies." Wise words.


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