I think

--there should be more books with crumbling bureaucracies in them. I'm in the mood for one.

--maybe another few books with curmudgeon wizards.

--but a limit should be put on the number of vampires written....

--there will have to be a law because otherwise the vampiric numbers will keep swelling. The manager of a bookstore told me that all the teenagers who loved Twilight are moving up to the adult market.

--I should be more famous. Not a lot more famous, just enough to sell a bunch of books. I take it back--my books should be famous enough to sell without my help.

--someone other than me should wash the damned dog every now and then.

--my oldest son should write or call more often. (oh god! oh god! I wasn't going to be one of those, but ohhhhhhh it's toooooooo late)

--summer should last longer than winter but spring should last longest of all, damn the pollen.

--one ought to be able to drink as much coffee as one wants with no consequences or, if they want the jolt to stay awake, we ought to have special cups. Like when coffee hits a white mug the caffeine is activated. Other colors, not so much.

--Terry Pratchett should be given a reprieve so he could write at least ten more books.

--this time thing should slow the hell down. My birthday is next month and while it isn't the big one for my twin, Doug, it sure as hell is for me.

--I should get off this bed before I fall asleep.


  1. Have you read any of Charlie Huston's vampire books? Hardboiled vampire foo, and there's a romance thrown in -- a (mostly) chaste relationship with an HIV infected barkeep. If he turns her, he'll cure her, but then she'll be a vampire! Oh the moral dilemmas.

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