1. How come you haven't entered the contest? It's easy. Go down to the previous entry and COMMENT . You can write "this is a comment" and it counts. Seriously. Plus I think I'll add an UNOPENED bag of M&Ms to the grand prize. MMmmm. A big bag. Enter it or I will open the bag.

1a. So we're talking a gift certificate, a book, M&Ms. How can you hold yourself back?

2. I've rediscovered M&Ms this week and there are so many creative ways to eat them. No, I'm not thinking sexual, potty-minds, though that has potential I suppose. I mean letting them melt in the mouth or the hand, or mooshing them up with a mortar and pestle. I haven't eaten that many. Really.

3. The visiting dog's HOLYSHITBADGUYSENEMIESALERTKILLDIE barking out of nowhere attacks still get to me and I wonder if maybe that sudden lurch into hyper-mode is a form of cardiac exercise. They must have done studies on this, They Would. "Get Heart-Fit with the Startle Response Program!"

4. My dog barely lifts her head up for nothing more than a gentle woof when hyperbarker starts up. I think this means I'm either more neurotic than my once-crazed dog or she's caught on faster. Braniac Canine.

5. The mosquitoes this summer are terrifying. Huge, blood-thirsty and eager. Maybe the visitor dog is barking at them.

6. I dreamed I was the queen of Sweden and I couldn't find a thing to wear. The funniest part of the dream: I was an unpleasant person and did nasty things like attempted to blackmail someone. I don't recall ever playing the part of a villain in my own dreams. You ever lie, cheat, steal in your own dreams? The sleeping dreams, I mean.


  1. Have you found those designer M&Ms with the swirly metallic-looking coatings? They're pretty damn good.

  2. Did someone say M&Ms? I so want to win some. And the bonus .. chance to win a great reading book and gift certificate.

    Real Cool Contest. Please count me in.


  3. I could have some too... And I loved your free book, a new great book would be fine!

    When you're queen of Sweden, come visit me, I live next door!

  4. Love M&M's!!! I also loved reading your 'Taken Unaware' ebook. Congrats on it's print release yesterday Summer/Kate.

    I didn't realize you had another name/ID. LOL Live and learn.


  5. Hey, these entries count. Don't fret. It's summertime and the contests are eeeeeeezzzeeee


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