SBD ready for some chick lit or a regency

Carolina Moon by Nora Roberts
Caine's Reckoning Sarah McCarty
by Day of the Dead JA Jance

what do these books have in common?
1. I've taken a crack at reading all three in the last few days
2. all three have young women or girls (one age 8) sexually attacked. Two out of three girls are murdered. The abuse and/or murder doesn't happen off-stage.

Ugh. If I hadn't had picked these up, one after the other, randomly...I wouldn't have been offended. Standard plot device after all. And at least of the books is a freaking mystery so, duh, we got to have violent crime. But somehow it feels as if publishers are out to get young attractive (naturally) females.

And actually I did find one kinda offensive. The woman who's chained to a bed and attacked and brutalized for about a year? Once she's rescued (and still afraid for her life) she decides the sexxxing she needs to get past the fear is the kind where her partner overcomes her. Yup. She wants her partner to push her even if she says no. I guess BDSM is so hot these days you got to put it (and of course butt secks) in even if there is a pretty good reason the recipient has panic attacks when she's tied up.

Anyway. Ugh.


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