I've invented a drink

Santa Cruz Mango Organic Lemonade
Citrus vodka (I know it's passe, the balsamic vinegar of liquors, but try this anyway)
a squeeze of lemon juice (and if you're a wus, maybe some powdered sugar)

I made mine, stuck it in the freezer and ate it like a slushy.

The proportions? 1:1? 2:1? That part you have to figure out.
Now we have to name it. I suppose it should be Tropic something. Tropic Thunder is so last year and anyway, it's some kind of energy drink. I want the name to be pithy, now, edgy.

Tropic Organic Velvet?
Tropic Neon? (that Santa Cruz Mango Lemonade is a very vibrant color, Almost scary)
Tropic Health Care Reform?



  1. In the spirit of Sex on the Beach and other embarrassing drink names ("I'll have a Screaming Orgasm, please!"), why not call it a Slutty Tart?


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