and the winner is. . .

The boy has spoken and the number he picked belongs to.


C'mon down, JMC, and here's your big old bunch of flowers and the ermine cape. anyone got a Kleenex? I'm all sniffly here.

Hey! JMC!

You email me and give me your snailmail address and I'll send you the M&Ms, the Borders (or Barnes and Noble) gift card and a copy of Taken Unaware or some other book by Summer or Kate.

Now the only thing left to nag you all about is the Unleash Your Story event.


  1. Er, Unleash Your Story event?

  2. nope, that's a fundraiser. That's just on the list of things to nag you guys about--raise money for cystic fibrosis foundation.

    I'd nagged and nagged about the contest and did I get a response? sorta. Anywa about the Unleash Your Story the link!

    Okay, this is the link to what you won STUFF! THINGS! You won JMC!


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