Celebrating with The Promo

Here's the deal. I have two book events last week:

1. a 4.5 star Romantic Times review for Thank You, Mrs. M.... I'd put it up but I think they don't like that when it's not on their website yet.

2. and a print copy of Taken Unaware became available. Also in the still-hanging-in-there news, Summer Devon got a new contract from EC **


I am going to give away a print book on Tuesday and then one on Friday. And the first three people who make a remark here on the blog will get a download of the book that got the nice review. And then I'm going to give away two more books at the end of the month, too.

Got that? I've been entering contests lately and they've gotten pretty complicated. Yet I also have the standard craving shared by all writers: that is have to have other people post about my books and my blogs and my contest and me, me, me,*** so I'll add rule two and the usual bribe.

The rules:

1. Comment below on this blog and maybe win a book to be given away this week.

2. Comment sometime in August in your blog/face book page/where ever, about my contest or my books**** send me a link and at the end of the month you can maybe win a book AND a $25 gift certificate to Barnes and Noble (or, if you'd rather, Borders) to be given away at the end of the month

Ta da!!

**The contract's for a book that will be called....

wait for it....

we worked on this one....

Irrational Arousal.

As my pal Kathy pointed out, all arousal is irrational. (The editor and I kept running titles past each other asking "is that too boiled bunny?" We hope this one isn't.)

*** Actually if you just bought the damn books and didn't mention them or me anywhere, that would be fine, but I've figured out that the making-money-with-writing life doesn't work that way.

Comments about my cute dog/kids, my political views, weight or singing skills do not qualify as entries but we don't mind them.


  1. Hi :)
    Thanks for a fun contest.
    I downloaded your story and it is on my ToBeRead list.
    So many great stories, so little time!
    I'll Tweet about your contest as I don't have a website yet.
    Love and best wishes,

  2. Congratulations to you! You're so busy now, I'm impressed you've got time to run a contest (LOL).

    Looking forward to reading your work--because your tweets are great.

  3. Irrational Arousal. LOL, Love it!

    (And boiled bunny?) And yeah, making-money-with-writing? Is there such a thing?

  4. Congrats on the good review! It's about time. ;)

    Irrantional Arousal... I like it. Definitely makes me want to know more.

  5. Congratulations on the great review. LOL at boiled bunny but the title works for me. Hugs, Valerie

  6. Boiled bunny. LOL Not squirrel?

  7. I wasn't going to comment in this comment area, because then I'd have to do complex mathematics to keep myself out of the contest, but the boiled bunny is a Cultural allusion. Glenn Close in that movie where she latches onto a married man and goes nuts. Damn. Hold on, wiki time. . .

    Okay here we go. a bunny boiler.

  8. Hopped on over to see your good review. Congratulations!

  9. OK, I'm here. Now what? Where's my book? I'll tell you what. . .I'll promote yours if you promote mine (not that my blog gets a lot of hits), but it can't hurt.

    Congratulations on the great review!!

  10. Forget it Fester--the book is MINE!

    Kate--Fatal Attraction--boiled bunny Glenn Close and Michael Douglas...


    Making money writing? Do YOU? Does anyone? I thought we just sweat blood for the pleasure of it...

    Conga-rats on the new contract! I'm doing the Kermit thing again....


  11. oh, how fun - best of luck with the new contracts - and congratulations!!!!!!

  12. Yay for new EC contract!

  13. Good luck with the new contracts and thanks for the contest ;)

  14. What about Irritational Arousal? Subtitle: A Spanish Fly Romance

    Just bought your Summer Devon from teh evil Amazon. Would have rather gone to B&N, but I figure you want to boost your Amazon ranking :)

  15. Summer/Kate, I already posted on the wrong (most recent) post. LOL

    So I'll repeat part of it. I have already read and loved your "Taken Unaware". Congrats on it's print release yesterday.


  16. Congrats on your new EC contract. And congrats, too, on the print release of Taken Unaware. I really love the cover - it's gorgeous!

  17. Congrats on the new contract :)

  18. Happy August!!
    Been missing in blogland, I know - but I promise to try and be back a bit...
    MEGA-Congrats on the new books and reviews and contracts!! Whoo hoo!!

  19. Congratulations! Sounds lovely! I haven't blogged in forever (well, several months), but maybe I'll get something posted before tomorrow...? Or, if not, congratulations to whomever wins the book & gift certificate!

  20. LOL- too funny. Can't get over the "boiled bunny".

    Congrats on your contract and your print release.

    I am still figuring out how to set up my blog site but once I do I'll add you to it and let you know.

    I'll also tweet about you, twitter.com/talanata and add you to my space, myspace.com/danibatth and facebook.

    I had an awesome time chatting with you tonight om writerspace.Hope to see ya next time.

    dlbaath at yahoo dot com

  21. Congrats on the contract. Best of luck to you. "I pimped you" on twitter.


    charisscharity at yahoo dot com


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