I think I need some sleep

Never mind a series of tubes, I think of this interwebby world as a big old ocean of drifting schools of fish that swim toward the most noise and zip! tack in another direction at some kind signal that no one outside the school can understand.

Anyway. I swim along and go on my own small circles....wait, what are the fish doing here? I've lost track of this here dumb analogy.

0 0 0 0 0

I'm cutting line on that waste.

o O O O O o

Here's what I mean. People come and go in the internet world. Maybe I drift away from their blogs or their blogs go dark or they stop writing books. They come and go----and it's lovely when they come again.

AND here's one I'm glad to see again and yay, hi!. I've always admired Monica Jackson and her energy and when she goes on a ranty rant? No one rips them better than her. Hi again, Monica. Write! Write! Publish, too. I mean, why not?


  1. Hi :)
    I love reading your blog posts.
    Love and best wishes,
    twitter: @RKCharron

  2. thanks, kate!

    It's incredibly nice to be remembered.

    Methinks my rant days are over though...we'll see. All that stuff seems less important now.

  3. Okay, maybe not ripping out new ones. But I can't see that you lost that passionate eloquence--not after reading your "I'm Back" letter.


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