Oops, even I forgot I'm still running a contest. Hey! You!

you can win the M&Ms and the book and the GIFT CERTIFICATE.

Come on and pimp me.

The contest may be stale but I promise the M&Ms won't be. We ate the bag I bought as a prize. (I sprinkled a lot of them on the magic cookie bars we'll be selling today at a fund-raiser.)

SPEAKING OF SWEEEET CONTESTS. Look at this one by Kris Starr. She's got a lot more Candy than I do. Her contest candy makes sense. Check out her latest cover:


  1. got ya covered, babe :)

  2. Wow. That's quite the cover!

  3. Thanks, Kate!!! I have pimped you, too, for your contest. I hope I'm not too late!

    (Will the link work here? Won't know 'til I try...) In case it doesn't, you can just swing by the blog and see the post.


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