SBD mild rant and it's my stuff that's bugging me

My brain has turned into ten minute oatmeal. Not quite as mooshy as it gets at its worst, but we're not talking grey matter with oomph. Not clever oatmeal.

I've read too much romantic suspense that I'm now trying to pump action/mystery into my own writing. Some people can manage it; I keep doing tangents. And mostly there's the plotting thing. Jeezuz, why can't the obvious person be the bad guy?
Why does it have to be the earnest best friend who is a clever very-able-to-hide-his-true-nature psychopath?
Or the quiet, dutiful mother who erupts into a foul long-winded speech at the end?
Or the younger brother who seems like he doesn't mind the older inheriting it all but secretly resents his wealth?
Or the butler who's really the father's ex-business partner who feels he was done wrong by the family?
Or the random passing psychopath who saw the heroine, fell in his sick version love and is trying to wreck her life so she'll be helpless and at his mercy?

This morning I lined up my characters and the one person I think would work as the dude responsible for the mayhem is. . . uh oh. The hero.

I think it's probably time to start yet a new story. This one is bugging the shit out of me and has been for MONTHS. Grr.


  1. Making the hero the bad guy would definitely up the emotional tension...

  2. but it sure wouldn't make the book a romance.

  3. Anonymous1:16 PM

    OMG, I laughed. I'm sorry.

  4. ah but the laughing is what we aim for here, usually.


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