I swear to god, there's something about autumn that gives me the pip. I used to think it's because this is when most of my family/friend deaths have occurred but now I think it has to do with something chemical because that's how I think these days. Everyone's a big sack o'chemicals. That's enough to give anyone an outlook lower than a toad's knee.

But in the autumn I'm peeled, totally raw. I thought when you get older, it's harder to get all jittery and sad because you have experience and know what's going on. Yeah, but it's experience in getting jittery and sad, dude.

The most unlikely things send me into a decline. The sight of an nearly wrecked swing-set in someone's back yard. A nicely carved pumpkin sagging a bit. An empty popcorn bag in a pile of leaves. In fact I'd say just about anything that has the air of being abandoned and near its end.

WTF? If those images showed up in some post-modern short story, I'd give the writer a big red F. No fair they have power in real life, especially when my house, which is covered in a layer of dog fur and neglect has no emotional impact (as in a dire need to clean) whatsoever.

Here's what I have learned after years of slogging through Autumnal Despair/Panic/Meh (depending on day and time): I'll have to get my ass in gear and fake it. Clean anyway. Go running. Interact with cheerful people and not smite anyone. Buy Halloween candy and not eat it all.

I did cheer up when I read the hundreds of clever, snarky comments on this thread. Maybe it's time to go read SBTB again because that works too.


  1. I LOVE autumn! The chill is invigorating and I love the slide into hibernation. Sunday afternoons wrapped in my fleece blanket, watching football. Thanksgiving and Christmas coming. Snow days.

    No more mosquitoes. No more mowing the lawn. The snow covers the neglected garden, lessening my guilt.

    Pumpkin pie.


    Big piles of leaves for boy and dog.

    No humidity.

    I could go on forever.

  2. Yeah,that's why I think it's all me. because you're right. NE autumns are gorgeous.

    I think I should enlarge and print out your list. Either it'll convince me that I'm silly or it'll send me over some edge.

  3. Everyone's a big sack o'chemicals.

    True. I read a book once that said "You're, what, sixty liters of water and a few bucks' worth of chemicals."

    However: All matter in the Universe (aside from hydrogen) was born from the fusion processes of stars. Supernovae erupted to give birth to all elements heavier than helium.

    Looking at it that way, you're made entirely of magical stardust.

  4. Oh thanks for that link! It was muchly entertaining. I especially enjoyed the comments from Lucifer Himself.

    The right must be desperate if this is what they're coming up with.

    Um, right?

    Hope the malaise eases soon. Hot chocolate!

  5. Autumn sucks because Christmas is right behind it. A think a gun range helps. And today I got a whole slew of knives. I was happy. I'm beginning to sounds homicidal or something. Nope. Just Southern.

  6. I love fall. Goodbye AC! Goodbye, too hot to sleep! Hello, crunching through leaves on walks and eating apples and pumpkins. But maybe you need extra light or something? SAD? If it happens every year as it's getting darker, maybe you just need your happy light.


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