I love that remark on the comments below about us being made of magical stardust. Love. It. And I'd comment but I can't even open the damn comments much less read or add to them.

However I can play with the layout and so that's what I'll do instead. Adding things to the sidebar is easy.

Eventually I'll go declog the toilet with the plunger *blupablupasploooshshit!damn!blupablupablupa....gurgle) bleach everything in the bathroom and then go exercise.

There. The highlights of my busy, busy day. What about your life?

Oh, and we're mourning here. Beatrice the spider passed away. RIP, sweet arachnid. She died tucked back behind the crystal vase, a little husk with curled legs. I was so sad, I made Mike clean up the corpse and web. I really couldn't do it. We had a brief service during the Colbert Report: we muted the commercials and each of us talked about what Beatrice added to our lives. And we reassured each other that she's up in buggy heaven. May flights of fruit flies sing (or wing) her to her rest.


  1. Oh, shit. I'm so sorry about Beatrice. I saw this pic on my sidebar and immediately worried this would be the news. But she was lucky to end up in your home. RIP, Bea.


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