omigod we have no pumpkins!

Halloween is just not coming along here. No costumes either, yet. The printout Sarah Palin mask won't do it. It's TOMORROW>>> oh jeebus jeebus, we're screwed. We do have a lot of candy, although considerably fewer kit-kat bars than earlier. I love kit-kat bars.

and Aya? Can you get here by 5 tomorrow so you can trick-or-treat too? Any later and there will be no point. We shut down early in this neighborhood. They ride the candy train hard and fast 'round here.

Today's big event (other than buying pumpkins. All by myself and from a grocery store. Our punkin patch days are over): car pooling. Picking up a kid from school, meh. I do it all the time, at leas twice a week. And dragging along a friend or two, no biggie. But usually one of the guys is part of a car pool and every now and then I get to load up the 96 van with 6 boyz and it's hilarious. I love listening in to those conversations. They don't seem to realize that the adult in the car is actually listening and boy, it's the highlight of the day, eavesdropping on them. Does it qualify as eavesdropping when I'm sitting right there bigger than life?

Elementary school conversations are wonderful. Funny and sweet with only a trace of really rude to make it interesting. Usually middleschool is kind of scary, because the testosterone is riding high and free and they're just MEAN and ORNERY as well as FUNNY. By high school they're less mean, and more funny--or the mean is zingier and less unpleasant. Key word: funny. All boyz, all the time = amusing as heck.

It's one of my favorite chores, driving car pool, although I can never find everyone's house, which is embarassing for my poor kid.


  1. Oh no! NO pumpkins? I'm in the same boat and heading out today to rectify that. :)

  2. LOL, you are farther along than I am! I haven't even picked up the candy yet! I'll be doing that on the way home from work.

  3. I'm ready for Halloween! Pumpkins at the front door, pumpkin and ghost lights hung, costumes ready. For kids. For myself, I plan to go as a writer whose book is due. *ggg*

  4. Uncle Andrew7:07 PM

    One pumpkin by front door: not enough. We need more. One family invited to a "halloween party." Not enough. Invite more. And get more food. Two bags of candy. Enough. No one trick or treats this neighborhood. Six brown paper roots for Julia's tree costume. Check. Big safety pins to attach them? Not available in this town. Velcro? Staple gun?

    Why am I not looking forward to my favorite holiday anymore?

  5. arwen--get those pumpkins cheap! I did.
    netti--you got a sick husband as an excuse. It's a good one.
    charli--Gaaaack! Don't scare the poor tricker-or-treaters with that costume, evil, frightening bitch.
    UA? Yeah, in a couple of years you'll forget about the pain in the tuchus and it'll go back to being lovely. Or so I hear.

    I'm off to look for a Sarah Palin mask today. Tom insists he has to be her and not a mad scientist after all.


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