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1. Probably bad that the major response I have to my husband's tiny little fender bender (involving our own 2 cars and costing well over $1000) is:
It wasn't me. I didn't do it. NOT me--someone else! It isn't my fault! Yay!
The inner middle-schooler's response is never far from the surface. Constant guilt about almost everything.

My current theory: You lose the magic thinking after childhood. but you can't shake the residual guilt about having all that power over the world. Guilt: the id's lizard brain at work. :-P Also when you spend all day alone at work (like I do) you lose perspective fast.

2. Speaking of writing, I need someone to kick my butt back into work gear. Also I'd like to shift into exercise mode more easily again. Are there pills for these things? Pills are easy. What happened to the coffee achievers? How come that's not working any more?

3. That Alfred E Newman-Smith dinner always struck me as disgusting insidery-beltway self-congratulatory richfatcat nonsense, but watching the preznital contenders making fun of themselves and each other on youtube is calming for us all.

Why look, they aren't actually At War. And they can be funny. Made me feel better about McCain. All of which is the point of the exercise, I expect. (Although I'll never like the man or the candidate--anyone who'd pick Palin for VP is never going to make the top ten list of Great Decidererers.)

4, Time to eat an apple or two.


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