today in print!

not sure the covers reflect the stories, and she does look like she's perhaps clutching herself in pain.

HOWEVER I really like this cover. Neat colors, fonts--art, dammit. You can buy the book here.


  1. I bought one. How could I not, with three of my pals as authors?

    BTW, this is the last call for contest entries over at my place.

  2. Oooheee! That's is really gorgeous!

    The butterfly is perched on the fabric around her breasts, right? On the right hand side?

  3. Thanks for Buying Doug. I'd do the contest but I'm on a self imposed deadline which I'm not close to making. I hate my boss. Maybe I'll play hooky and do your contest instead.

    Yea! Esri Rose wins! And in fact, maybe you should actually win something. Want a Summer Devon ebook? Email me.

    Of course I have no idea WHY there's a butterfly on her, but I still like the cover.

  4. I think it's extremely sexy. I love the cover even though it's a headless torso which I usually complain about.

  5. The cover is fantastic. I love it. Gorgeous. Very sensual.


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