beth sez halloween sbd

okay a list! And because I make reference to a couple of books, I think it can be labeled SBD.

favorite halloween story? Dragon's Halloween by Dav Pilsky

favorite halloween scene? The one in the movie version of To Kill a Mockingbird.

favorite candy? Almond Joy because Mike and my kids hate those so I get some.

least favorite thing about Halloween? People trying to scare me with movies. I do NOT like horror movies. No, no, no. I have enough adrenaline going on, no need to get more flowing. And this time of year, there are lots of horror movies everywhere.

Although I do like that Vincent Price movie about the wax museum. And who could dislike Bette Davis's cheesey wonderfulness in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? So the old campy ones I watched with Gretchen Glick are fine. The others with blood and guts and buxom teenagers getting axed, not so much.

least favorite candy? Snickers. And yet I eat them. Maybe that's why I don't list licorice because I won't touch that stuff. so it doesn't qualify as foodstuff.

favorite horror writer? Dean Koontz, until Mike made me listen to a line from a Koontz book on tape--it was a schtick about how people can't truly know other people because we are all mysteries tied in a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Dean, O, Dean. How could you? So it's back to Stephen King who can be too scary because he doesn't have that Basic Goodness Exists nonsense that I like in horror. I crave the existence of BG even if BG doesn't win--just like I want the murderer brought to justice in a mystery.

if you had to be a political figure for halloween, would you do McCain, Biden, Palin or Obama? Nixon or Boss Tweed.


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