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The college student is home again**. I like having the school close--about 40 miles away--so it's easy for him to appear on the weekends. Okay, so we have to go fetch him. And okay, so we found out he was coming home when his friend's mother called Thursday to see if we could fetch her son too. Oh. The boys are planning to come home? I heard Mike saying, so I got the newz fourth-hand.

I expect he would have called to tell us he needed a ride about an hour before he wanted to be picked up.

My point is...I like it. I'm glad this growing up thing can be done more gradually than I expected. I don't have to miss him as much if he doesn't go away long.

In other All About Us news, the cars' repair will total more than $3,000 and thus we are reminded that there's a reason insurance premiums are high. I mean, jeebus, we're talking two bumpers thumped at about 5 mph. No broken lights even. I'd post photos but I don't have any and if I was going to go take pictures, they'd be of the red and orange trees, not my car's butt.

** I enjoy his aura even if he does play Big Balls by AC/DC -- which of course all the boyz are now singing. I first wrote "I enjoy his company" but that would imply we spent actual time interacting. Not so much.


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