our debate thread

notes from last night, mostly twitter but why not? I think I'll go do some promo somewhere today.

I'm SO going to win this Palin game! Some of my words and phrases: Alaska, hero, umm, mocked, gosh, earmarks, McCain, gotcha journalism, real American

Other random selections: Surge, Media bias, gee, bad guys, governor, tax'n'spend, pelosi, wasilla, elites, wall st, main st Pakistan, phone it in, POW, pit bull

15-year-old: "she's like a feel-good movie, all happy ending, nothing but promises to make it better but it's not real. Not based on reality. She's not even a good movie, like the wedding singer." Huh?

This is disturbing. My son likes the wedding singer..? ?

IT is NOT NUCULAR YOU MORON. Why is she doing this?
why? Just to make everyone here scream NUCLEAR at her? Is that why Palin's saying it wrong?

Lauren points out it's on purpose--it makes Palin folksy and not elitist and we who correct her are East Coast Elitists. Hell. She's right, I betcha. (See? we can do it too? Betcha?)

Okay, she's winning because she has successfully put a subject and predicate together and then another related subject/predicate.

BLAME GAME! Heh. It wasn't on anyone's bingo card! It's so old, I expect everyone thought it would be retired by now.

Gwen Ifill is looking good.

Dang, I keep waiting for Palin to trip over her own tongue, but she's got those words coming smoothly. She doesn't sound entirely stupid. Passionate too. She might not be answering the questions asked, but will anyone notice?

Biden doesn't answer the question either. Bad Joe.

they hate our freedoms!

DANG Alex won with "Alaska, earmark, maverick, reformer, job creation" If only she'd said Community organizer or hero!

Why don't these people sit around the dining room table? Why always in the kitchen? How about sitting on the floor?

Fuckit, we're not real Americans because no kitchen table action.

Hey, when we try to get together at our kitchen table, we knock elbows and get in each other's faces. To be real Americans, we're going to have to kick out a kid or two or buy a bigger table.

Sure, she didn't answer the questions but she did put sentences together. And she's PERKY and FOLKSY. Uh oh.


  1. You forgot "Joe six-pack" and "hockey moms". She referred to them a lot in her "rah, rah, McCain, blah, blah, blah" responses.

  2. She's a blithering idiot.
    But as we all know from highschool, you don't have to be the sharpest knife in the drawer to get elected to class president or prom queen. All you have to do is be 'popular'. Ever notice how those 'popular' students never amount to anything? Because they never really had to try, and when they fail, they get really nasty.
    Just watch the bitch when someone gets in her way.


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