to stimulate the economy

and to spend all my paycheck in one spot, and to avoid cleaning, I want to buy books.
Carpe Jugulum (managed to miss this one)
Once Upon a Christmas (I lent out my copy and it's gone. Besides this cover is less mortifying)
The Yiddish Policeman's Union (Cavalier and Klay was great. Oh, errrm and so was that Kavalier and Clay)
....and that potato society book.

HEY, I found an abandoned gift card so I can spend another ten bucks. Any suggestions?


  1. Carpe Jugulum is HYSTERICAL. Seriously I read this and I crying half the time.

  2. Thanks, Stella! I love Pratchett so I know it'll be a winner for me just because Granny Weatherwax shows up. I don't get how I missed reading it.

  3. Everything I'm reading at the moment is history nonfic; the best of the lot is Anthony Everitt's Augustus. If I get everything done on time I'm grabbing The Ghost by Robert Harris as a reward.


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