non-drinking game ideas?

Bill at dkos has a great plan "if you have a death wish, here's your drinking game for tonight: Every time Sarah Palin leaves the 'g' off a word ("Lyin'," "Cheatin'", "Moose huntin'"), take a swig of tequila. I promise to say nice things about you during your funeral."

The link above also leads to his great take on Stephen King's version of Katie and Sarah's next encounter. Spooky plus a fine accent.

My kids feel cheated because I won't let them play a drinking game tonight. The two that are home are supposed to watch the debate for school (did you have to watch debates when you were in sixth grade? I don't think we did)

Anyway, they're pretty excited and want me to go out and buy snax like it's the super bowl. No alcohol for them and really no liquids either. I suppose I could have an eating game? Like each kid starts with the same number of cheez puffs and each gets a particular set of phrases. Whoever runs out of puffs first, wins. They will have to pay attention to the debate.

Tthat way there will be less jeering and saying "huh? what does that mean, mom?" as there was during the presidential debate. I really resented the "what does that mean mom?" question because my usual answer of "the guy's a jackass, is what it means," which wasn't good parenting.

Maybe I'll wear discreet headphones and smile and nod during the debate tonight. It's the only way I'll be able to model polite listening skills for the boyz.

Or maybe I'll throw my cheez doodles at the screen.

Any suggestions for key words? Remember there has to be a good correlation between the words. I can't think of any word Biden says as often as Palin says "Alaska" except maybe "America" and "look". So okay, we should aim for key phrases. Cheez doodles goes to the person with the best list.

UPDATE: Here's a great Palin bingo card, but why should she provide all the entertainment? Where's the Biden card? It would have to have something about the people he meets on his daily commute to Delaware via Amtrak. Hmmm. He's harder because he's just less fun.


  1. Cheese puffs! That's what I want, not popcorn. So that will be my spread as I watch: pizza, cheese puffs, and scotch. Poifect.

    I already said you should make "again" the key word for Palin. I'd also bet on "women/woman" as a key word from Biden.

  2. Beth, never mind particular words. I found an excellent drinking game at Wonkette. Go for the concepts.

  3. Hahahahaha I just came here to link that. Great minds, etc.

  4. Anonymous11:44 PM

    she says nuclear like Bush. I could just scream.


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