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Mike's on facebook. Once he starts to read blogs, we'll know it's over--leading life on the interwebs? That shark will have jumped, retired from the jumping life, gone home to sit in the Barcalounger and died during a rerun of Happy Days.

Five more days and then..... no more snarky election videos. I bet you'll miss some of them, you masochist. I wonder if anybody I know (or if anyone I've ever even met) is undecided about who they're voting for. Hard to imagine any voter actually planning to go to the polls is clueless about which candidate they want to see president. The only time I've ever done eenie meenie was for probate judge. They can't possibly care so why would they bother to go vote? To buy a bake sale brownie, maybe?

I never even considered voting for that other candidate. And I can guarantee no one my family has either. Heckfire, my family is entirely mono-minded. I can only imagine what would happen if I sent out a letter endorsing McCain to my sisters, brothers, and even inlaws. Makes me see how tribal we are. And since I'm looking at Us, I have to admit we're pretty boring, too. Between my husband's family and mine--us people in our generation, I mean--there are eight married couples, all of whom hitched up from ten to a gazillion years ago.

Happy Anniversary, Nan and Carter. And yes, you're old. Not as old as some people, though. I happen to know that our brother is older than dirt.

The only person in those two sets of siblings to divorce was my husband (years before I met him). Not that I'm trying to jinx all these hundreds of years of marriage, but what a snoozy group. No material for novels. Nothing much for blogs, either.


  1. Where's your NaNo widget, Miss Kate?

  2. Good writer. You'd get a cookie if we lived closer. ;)

  3. woof!

    Man, that would be fun, living closer to you. Not just because I'd be warmer.


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