some writers!

Some writers get on my last nerve with all their promo. I can't think of names right now, honestly, but even if I could, I wouldn't say anything because of Glass House Syndrome.

Other writers? They get on my second-to-last-nerve because they don't tell me anything about their books.

Linda Gayle, I'm talking to YOU!

This is someone I write to at least once a week. I mean I know all about her cats, her kids, her writing etc. She knows far more than enough about every blessed chapter of every one of my blessed books. I run crying to her all the blessed time. Lucky for me, she's a nice person. If she's tired of it yet, I haven't heard.

But that's not all I haven't heard. The biddy. Tonight's exchange:

Kate to Linda: I've been on the lookout for your cover . Got one yet?

Linda to Kate: The cover was on the cover of the last RT, and there was a spread in the middle - did you see that?

On the cover of RT?
And she didn't say anything?
And a spread?

Listen, we're talking her first novella (she's in there with three other women, but still. . . ). Chances are if she's not crowing to me, she's probably not out spreading the word to the wide world.



  1. So would you hate me if I mentioned my video teaser? Coz if so, I won't. :)

  2. It's hard to know how much is too much is not enough. Will definitely check out her novella though...thanks for the heads up.



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