everyone else gets the good mail

Sometimes when I read other writers' blogs, I get sorta jealous at all the attention they get.

I'm poison ivy green about this note Tod Goldberg got. That's some tasty hate mail. Not as good as Tod's response, but the crack about the middle school girl really hit home for me. Maybe someday I can get someone threatening me with a lawyer for no particular reason too.

[found by way of Karen.]


  1. I can imagine that hate mailer's photo as a snarkable cover. Wretched! And that article about Rush v. Michael J. Fox - dude! I think that is an actualy formula for EVIL - right up there with kicking babies and putting cats on BBQs.

  2. In case you're interested, here is another Limbaugh/Fox article my husband spotted.

  3. Let's see - How to get hatemail:

    Go to a popular author's blog and post a message saying her last book sucked doneky's balls - and leave your e-mail.

    On your own blog find a way to insult a large group of vocal defenders of a certain genre, religion, or political group.

    Find a popular Yahoo chat group and drop in. Do nothing but promote yourself at the detriment of everyone else, including the group's founder. Leave your e-mail addy in your HUGE obnoxious sig line.


  4. lovely s. thanks.

    I loved that article, even though it didn't have the same great level of snark.

  5. Sam

    Tod got his hate mail just by existing. I don't want to have to work for it. I mean, sure, I could go to LKH's list and tell people what I thought about Danse Macabre, but that's too easy and the response too predictable.

    Actually I'm in the mood to pick a fight. Maybe I'll go over to Bam's and see what she's got on. Heh. SHE had a random message from a loon.

  6. I need more hate mail. Maybe I should start insulting those teeny bopper Nazi wannabe pop rockers again.

    (My problem is I'm just too nice.)

  7. I got a troll comment once by some guy who felt I was not allowed to have a political opinion, because I collect dolls. And I got a single hate mail once by a guy (at least I assume it was a guy) who couldn't type and apparently harboured the mistaken impression that I was French, because he kept calling me a French coward.

    Nothing nearly as funny as this.


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