why I'm not here today

1. It's Mike's birthday. Happy birthday, Mike. Hope you like the ridiculously extravagant presents I got you. I like one of 'em. Not quite a Greyhound bus but close to it.

2. Have you looked outside my window? It's freaking spring at last! The sky, the ground and everything in between 'em is gorgeous.

3. Unfortunately it's not so freaking gorgeous inside. Dirt, mess, dog hair, papers on nearly every surface. Somebody ought to clean this place and Mike shouldn't (see item 1)

4. If I do anything on the computer, it'll be edits on the reverse Daddy-Long Legs story. Now that Word and I are on speaking terms again, this might be possible. Yay me and my mad computer skills--which consists of removing nearly every bit of software on the computer and loading some of the stuff back. It seems to have mostly worked. Sort of. Outlook will never load again, which means I probably don't have your email address.

4. the oven's beeping--cake's ready.


  1. Reverse Daddy Long Legs story? That sounds interesting. I loved that book. Go find my email address and tell me about it. *g*

  2. I have no idea what reverse Daddy Long Legs story is. Tall girl, short guy, perhaps? I could get into that. In college, we called it "Climbing Mount Everest."

  3. Here you go, Doug. A somewhat sappy YA from early 20th century that I loved to pieces when I was a kid. The online version is missing the illustrations, which are great.

    I like your definition. Would it go the other way? Would my 5' neighbor who married the 6'4" man also be climbing mt everest or do women get their own mountain? KiliMANjaro, mebbe?


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