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By the all holy god, Microchip, I despise Microsoft Office--Word and Outlook in particular, Since those are the only applications I use regularly, I just freaking HATE Office.

I've been battling a software problem for days. I've used all sorts of detection software, and carefully deleted anything superfluous from my machine. It's better but it still freezes every half hour or so and must be rebooted. I'm not even trying to work at this point.

Don't bother to tell me what I can do to make it better because the only thing I'm willing to do at this point (other than throw the computer off the deck) is delete all of Office and reload it. I ordered new copy of Office because when I tried doing dump/reload thing earlier, I was told I'd used up all my installs and when I called up to complain, well.......

Never mind.

Just never goddddddamn mind.

If only publishers didn't do everything in Word. I'd be free of my chains and my burning load of hatred.

In other angsty news , over heavy duty protesting from boy3 I signed him up for the only city program still open to his age-group during vacation week 3 2-hour sessions of golf.
The good news: he likes it.
The bad news: he likes it.

He's talking about wanting golf clubs. Oh. No. I have created a monster.


  1. I think it's strange that Word acts up so for you. I've never had a problem with it. Are you sure it's not that your computer is tired and your harddrive about to crash? That can cause slowdowns and freeze ups, definitely.

    It's what mine did last year just before it crashed.

  2. I'd be inclined to blame the computer but it really is only Word causing some trouble at this point. If I keep word closed the computer runs beautifully. Yesterday seemed to be a turning point for its illness. Now it's almost like new except for the stupid Office things.

    If I try to even OPEN outlook the whole thing freezes. Otherwise it's better than ever. (I deleted nearly everything on it)


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