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I posted over at erotic muses And pretty soon I'll post the pictures Sunny Lyn sent me. Those will go in her blog though. (See my last post since I'm too lazy to link)

My blog seems to be pretty deserted these days. I do miss blathering on and on, but not enough, apparently, to blather on and on. I especially miss the voices of other people making fun of me on my blog.

Here's what else I miss: Going to RT. Getting big contracts for my fabu books. Eating as much as I want and not gaining weight. Drinking water straight from the tap.

We're not lying awake, worrying about the boil your water thing our local water supply put out yesterday. It's not a big deal.** After all, the only danger copepods can create for humans is when they act as vectors for dracunculiasis aka guinea worms (don't click this link if you're squeamish and for god's sake, do NOT do an image search for guinea worm. Please). Those guys aren't found anywhere in North America.

Mike's theory is that the water people are making us boil because they haven't figured out how those guys got into the water and so there might be other risks the MDC haven't found yet. Or something.

I wasn't paying attention because I was still reeling from the guinea worm thing.

**although I guess it must be worrying a lot of people. That website is obviously swamped. ...Heh. Get it? Water? Swamped? Umm. Yeah.


  1. Thanks for the excellent words of wisdom, Kate. :-) Dealing with dietary guilt has always been a major thorn in my side.

    You know, I've never made it to RT. One of these years I'll have to go. So expensive though. It would be nice if they had it on the west coast sometime.

    I hadn't heard about the trouble you guys are having with your water supply. That sounds awful!



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