I'm going to go post more pics at Sunny Lyn's

but first....

the whole gay marriage thing went by so quietly here in CT. Rell signed the bill (not that they needed her to) that she promised she'd veto (not that it would have made a bit of difference).

Kind of a disappointment. Where was the flash and excitement? Over at Dan Savage's place everyone's ready to buy Iowan and Vermont products to show support because those states are so right to allow gay marriage. Where's our reward? Huh? Skip the Vermont Maple Syrup! Buy the Connecticut insurance!

Just for a little wave goodbye, here's the NOM (National Organization for Marriage) "the coming storm" ad and some of the mocking responses:

the original ad by nom

colbert's version

huffington post's version

and another


the most self-righteous one.

My favorite is gone ....oh well. It was pulled because it used copyrighted material from Viacom. Would that material be the Weather Girls singing It's Raining Men?


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