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There is a new book review up for Somebody To Love (new as in it posted February. I don't check these ancient books) and the person reviewing apparently specializes in BW WM reviews.** Took me a moment to figure it out. Black women, white men. I recall that the book got reviewed on another website one that sought out books featuring larger than size twelve heroines.

I wonder what other sites specialize in particular tastes in reading. I can imagine thousands (I won't): Mysteries that only take place in small English villages and feature older women. Heroes with a stutter. And yeah, I could throw in some very specific sexual kinks but there are so very very many. There is the Shed, which seems to specialize in spanking.

I want someone to make a list of these sites or reviewers. Not me, because I am so lazy it isn't funny. But I think it's a useful sort of a list. I suppose tag words on Amazon can help, but lists are better.

HEY, Does AAR still have books sorted into categories by time periods, characters etc.? I should go look. I'm trying to get away from the webs these days (you noticed I wasn't around as much, didn't you? Didn't you?) And AAR is one of those sites that sucks you in for a good long look.

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In other Internetty News, Ann Z tells us that Rachel Maddow told us to watch this. Ann and Rachel are right. Even if you hate Sound of Music, it's purely fun.

* * * *

And in other other IN boy2 sent a link to the best screen play based on a computer game, ever. Not on my watch!


** the reviewer also said: "The heroine is independent but vulnerable. The hero is equally so, although we don't understand why until the very end." and I have no idea what she means--as in I've forgotten what we learn at the end. I'd reread it but that book is one I can't, for some reason.


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