how on earth do I let so much time go? Oh hey, that's the first line of the blog generator.

And if I want to keep it short, this apathetic entry one works, too.

Here's a longer version of the apathetic entry with more specific anecdotes.
I had to work out 20 times just to get the image of Krissi and Ephraim doing the Macarena in Wal-Mart out of my head. They were my best friends. Now I hate them. I don't need this malarkey, I have too much Grand Theft Auto to play to deal with that.

and another site

Hows that for generic?

DO I have anything to say for real? For real, no. Not really. Unless you're one of the many, many editors I've called to judge our local contest and who's ignoring me. Then I have to say, please? Please? PLEEEEEEASE?


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