Come to Farmington Connecticut and write with me next Tuesday

I posted an excerpt over at erotic muses today.

And I started yet another facebook group.
I have no idea how to get people to partake in this sort of group so I'm guessing it might just be me sitting there in the Borders with my laptop. Next Tuesday, May 5. Cinco De Mayo!

At least I won't be able to get up and do laundry if I get stuck on a tough passage. You know writing's going badly when doing laundry becomes a temptation.

It's sad though. I went through the hundreds of names of writers I know and want to invite and so very few of them live within 100 miles of me. Bah.


  1. What a nice idea. I would want to be in your group...if only I didn't live here.

  2. The laundry never tempts me. But my 15 year old dog can't stand to see me sitting. So the minute I sit comfortably and take out pen and paper, he has to go for a walk. And he is 15...what is more important, his comfort or more words on paper no one will ever read?

  3. come write, Jon! The dog will be glad to see you when you get home.


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