SBD not all that different when it comes down to it

So I read all of the Witch books by Kim Harrison and then I started reading another book by another author of the same sort of book and HEY, LOOK ! same sort of issues, same sort of emo vampires. I went over to a review site and started reading descriptions of plot and I suddenly got the point of how those books operate. And then I took that magic jump, past that particular barrier of subgenre, into pure realm of silliness--leaping the lines of power into another shadow kingdom where everything is the same but different, the ever after.**

In historical romances, there's the threat created by a monstrous uncle or bad guy who wants the woman (often feisty or strong-willed) who frets about her virginity and the tempting man who's so far out of her league, something about her life or dignity will be threatened if she gives in to him. She also worries about her role as she usually makes her way alone in the world. Or maybe she has a younger sister dependent on her. Standard familiar stuff. Oh and the hero is all emo about wanting her.

In the urban paranormal, there're the monsters and demons gunning for the kick-ass heroine who frets about her virginity in terms of the biting/sleeping with a particular sort of creature who's particularly tempting but not in her league. Her soul is threatened or maybe she'll turn into monster paste if she indulges. He's all emo about his Dangerous Nature and about hurting her. She's also worried about her role in the world(s) , usually alone (because, dude, everyone she loves dies or is in danger). She's got dependents too. Sometimes The Human Race or sometimes a younger sister.

**Taken from Kim Harrison's books. Speaking of which, I'm ready for number 8, please.


  1. I love Kim Harrison's writing - and my mom is a total fan - even going out and looking for a signed copy of one of her books.
    But I have a secret - I couldn't stand Sookie Sackhouse. The 'Everyone Loves Sookie' syndrome (while she whined constantly about being not pretty, not interesting, not...whatever)just got on my nerves. Exactly the same reason I can't stand Bella (of Twilight).

  2. seriously, I'm ready for the next one. NOW.

    I started out thinking the world was the one reason to read it and the heroine a standard TSTL schnook, but finally she seems to be growing up. Ivy's getting on my nerves now and I liked her at first. Emo vamps. The humor's pretty good too. Sort of a paranormal Evanovich.

    I've managed to avoid most urban paranormals, with only an occasional read of the LKH series as it fell into a pit of silliness. (I took Micah on vacation. The book, not the overendowed dude)


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