be nice

I want you people out in the world to be nice to my boys, but especially to the one who cares. Go ahead and be rude and unpleasant to me. I can take it.

When people make fun of that coach who yelled at the reporters to lay off his boys, I wasn't scornful (months ago and I'd google it but I have to make a yarn run and clean the house. And get you people to be nicer to my kid). Yes, that coach was an ass, but yah, I get why he said that.

I'm fretting about that boy. He's too. . . too. . . I don't know. He's bound for disappointment. Too caught by what people think about and especially what they think of him. He's too empathetic. I wrote sensitive, but that has a negative connotation even if it fits.

The boy is pleasant to people and dammit, you should just be nice right back at him. Or else.


  1. I get this. I so get this. And my (sensitive) boy is only 6. But you should be glad that your son has this ability to be empathetic and yes, sensitive to others. This is a Good Thing. Better than being a bonehead with no idea about anything.

    Loving Your Work.

  2. I think it's one of the hardest part of being a mother, watching other people be mean to your kid without jumping in and ripping them into pieces.


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