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So I have to go to Avon. I don't wannnnnnnnnnna go to Avon. First I have to go fetch my Bosnian pals and drag 'em with me. No, what I really need is to find a place that sells yarn that isn't fancy pants but is also WOOL and not acrylic. So anyone in the Hartford area know a place like that? Somewhere between Wal-Mart and OverPriced Yarnz R Us? And maybe we could buy it online?

That damn song about "Trees" by Rush? Hate hate hate it especially since I"m convinced they really mean it. I can't put on my Spinal Tap hat afterwards. And hey, I believe it's Ayn Randian.... ever notice it?

Also it must be hard to play on Rock Band 2 because the boyz can't seem to stop trying.

I had a nice SBD about a historical romance that's coming out but I don't know when it'll be released and I think I'll wait. I haven't read it but the premise is just so much fun and so different. . . .I'll wait.

And now I have to see if conedog will remain pathetic or if we will have a regular pup again. Please, Dr. Gus, take the cone away.


  1. Bendigo Woollen Mills:

    Good quality wool yarns, inexpensive, and with the current exchange rate ($1AUD = .65c USD) even more inexpensive.

  2. Thanks Bronwhine! We'll see if they deliver to the USA.


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