SBD after all

good god it's all twitter and facebook's fault. I have only so much fritter time and they're using it all up. But SBD is short and it's Fool, by Christopher Moore a book that is silly fun so far. (it's a retelling of Lear, I suppose it will get tragic eventually, although the ghosts are as randy as anyone else, so even death isn't so horrid.)

Wonderful insults, good language play. But seriously, Moore's not kidding when he says in the intro you must avoid this book if you don't like wankery or fuckery. It's not just bawdiness --almost all but not quite -- I'm about half done and characters are growing more interesting and some are almost even fleshed out as they do their wankery and fuckery.

Part of the reason it's so good is that I'm listening to it, not reading it. I think it's the sort of book vastly improved by a good reader and Euan Morton is one of my favorite new readers. He's right up there with Simon Jones. Those are some clever, sweet-tongued guys.


  1. there appear to be about 76,000 Kate Rothwells on fb. Which one is you??

  2. I'm the kate from hartford ct. I think the link on the right takes you there, but I should check to see if it works.

    yeah, what's with all those Kate Rothwells? I knew of 2, an art therapist and a college student, but now we're everywhere.

  3. Kate Rothwells of the world - unite!

    So you're on facebook? Will have to 'freind' you and you'll get a little notice in your e-mail. (so quaint). Like in the Victorian times when people left their calling cards with the butler...


  4. you're right! and at facebook, the little online indicator, the red or green button, shows whether or not you're at home to visitors. kind of an electronic butler.


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