no chum today**

I'm over at erotic muses today, not fuming about the RITAs. I haven't threatened to withdraw from the RWA for years now.

I need to get steamed about something. Got anything for me?

All I have is this stupid book I'm writing. These people are boring me and they should stop being assholes. And frankly I don't care if they fall in love or fall off the boat. If only they'd shut up.


**I promise to stop using that word soon, but truthfully, I'm not harping on anonymous's note. That's just a wonderful word. As good as "dickweasel" (whoops got that wrong at first.) Chum just feels good in the mouth even when you're not saying it out loud. Chum. Tastes like "gum" only even juicier. And then for the extra-added-plus you have the fish guts and heads flash through the mind? Yay.


  1. Chim chim cheroo!! Screw the RITAS. They don't appreciate what hot dirty sex can do for a person.


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