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I just commented on a post in my Summer persona by accident. I forgot to sign out as her and sign back in as Kate. My comment mentioned barbie dolls.... and when I saw who'd posted it, Summer, I had a moment of "no, she wouldn't say that. Not her." As Summer, the only way I'd think about barbies would be as props. My friend Arianna uses barbies to make sure what she describes in hawt scenes is physically possible. That's the Summer way.

It's funny having a persona that always snaps off to another train of thought that's not really like my own. And then, when I see that I've signed her name on a comment that doesn't match that persona, it's like when any fictional character steps away from their natural behavior. It's jarring and rings false. Takes you out of the story.

It's kind of cool actually. Kind of like walking around living with characters in a book in your head during planning time. . .only this time it really is me. Sort of..

Hmm. Is this nonsense? Because listen, I might sound insane but I'm basically harmless so you can just put down the funny white jacket and go about your business.


  1. Not nonsense at all. More sane than most, in fact. I'd say Summer is just about ready to join us this year at Burning Man. She's going to have the time of her life!

  2. I figure it's not nonsense at all, and since my Snape persona and your Summer persona are both single, we should be able to date.


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