what keeps you up at night?

Happy Birthday, Jed.... Aya, don't forget to say HBTY to him. He's still older than I am.
I think one more minute of internet play and then I'm going to work. I'm still coddling that little tiny flame of work-a-tude which I THOUGHT was as strong as any fire in our excellent fireplace, but it's more like a candle. It's almost as weak as my drive to exercise. The worst part is that the bout of Can't Do This, and a lack of sales, keeps bringing up my third least favorite middle of the night fret: what on god's green earth** will I do if I can't write?

Back to full time refugee-ing, praying that the funds that were on the verge of drying up all for those years aren't entirely gone. I haven't been paying attention, but I expect that sort of money was the first to go, especially local/state level. They're not much of a voter block, after all. Oy.

**actually god's white earth. We've had to dig out the abandoned Christmas tree four times since I hauled that thing to the curb.


  1. I said Happy Birthday to my dad, don't worry!


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