I couldn't find my own books

Somebody Wonderful and Somebody to Love, I mean.** I looked for the books last week because I couldn't remember the name of that secondary character Betsy asked about. All of our copies are gone, so I ordered one of each. I just got them a few minutes ago.

I opened Somebody To Love at a random page, started to read and shut it almost at once. Ugh. How people can do readings from their own stories? How??

I did read enough to discover the character's name is [UGH] Hobnail. I'd read the book to find out why he's got that name, but I just can't.

I had no idea I'd be such a Delicate Flower about this stuff.
Rejections? Sure, I can handle 'em!
Edits? Of course, I love to rip up and redo my prose.
Rereading a couple years later? No, please, where are my smelling salts? I feel...faint.

Ok. Time to go buy the donuts for a kid school celebration. Thank goodness my stomach is still rotten so I have no inclination to buy any donuts for myself.
**I hope you notice that even though I can't handle reading my books, I put in links, which indicates that I expect you to order and read them. and probably write me a note about how much you loved them.


  1. Course I loved them, although I still blame Big K for not featuring Araminta in a clutch on the cover. She's -- gasp! -- dark!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't read anything I wrote more than a year ago. Poetry, yes. Prose? You said it perfectly - get me the smelling salts. :)


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