it's almost impossible to write romance when your stomach is behaving badly.

So I'm reading it instead. Just did the latest Metzger and I think I might have done too many of her books lately. So then I switched over to rereading Quinn because I don't have the energy for something new. And that wasn't working.

I need fluff that'll engage but not demand. No urban fantasy, no death, no heartless chicklit (just read Altar Ego and was unimpressed by the lack of humans involved). Few, if any, descriptions of food.


  1. Anonymous3:03 PM

    "I need fluff that'll engage but not demand."

    That's exactly when I read Harlequin Presents. -- willaful

  2. willaful, yeah, good idea. Maybe I should hit up the category romances again. I've found some fabulous writers there.


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