back to work thank goodness

I took a whole week off after Christmas. I didn't write a word on a story, barely did any editing. There's a reason I drag along the laptop when I leave the house for more than a day. Turns out taking a break that long was a serious mistake.

On Jan 3, I sat down in front of the puter and panicked. I couldn't write more than a twitter message (wrote a lot of those). I dragged up old stories and prodded them a bit and that's all. . .

Fret, fret, prod, fret, fret, fret, prod.

That's what I did every day until a couple of days ago, when I finally managed to start a new story (nothing like a form rejection to get those juices flowing, I suppose) Five thousand words in and I know it sucks, but it's writing. PHEW. Once it's back to natural rhythm, I'll expand into what I want to do. Playing with other people's ideas, actually writing a novel or making real revisions. Oh, how I love routine.

And how about you? What are you guys doing for the inauguration? Aya, did you find a ride? ? ? ?


  1. We arrived back from England on the 5th and it took an entire week to get caught up. Then came various doctor and school things, followed by two gloriously productive days. Then the snow. Assloads of snow. I'm looking forward to getting my life back as of tomorrow.

  2. Freaking winter! Get to work, Carrie.

  3. I did that last week too! Then I got hungry, made a big lunch for everyone and forgot to go back to it.

    Course, now I'm reminded. *sigh*


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