How in god's name did it turn into THURSDAY--13 magnets

I mean last time I looked it was Monday. Is this what happens when you get older? Whole days of the week just vanish?

Thirteen magnets on my fridge:
1. A Loowis the Loose-ID publishing. It's a round button I got from a conference. Love that thing. Perky, pretty and it has good hold.

We need buttons with total stick-to-it-tive-ness. None of this wimpy little round blob on the back of a big expanse. Magnets are more than decorative. They are expected to do work on this fridge.

2. An empty magnet frame from Junior Achievement that says "Our Families" at the top

3. A whole flock of magnets shaped like paw prints, some pink, some blue. They send one with every shipment of dog chewwies and we get a lot of those shipments

4. A homemade white rectangle that boy2 made for me that reads "If life gives you lemons [picture of lemon] throw them at someone."

5. A bunch of little words from a dog poetry kit (examples: dirty slobber squirrel lick chew chase food mut smell)

6. The very, very last of the big plastic letters we used when the kids were small, the kind you use to teach them to read. Almost all have doggie bite marks.

7. A"Don't Pass her BYE for school board. Beth Bye, democrat" yellow school bus shaped magnet. We have two of those.

8. A round scary grey magnet that can only be pried off with a couple of knives. Unearthed from the guts of a computer. Useless for holding papers, too scary to toss.

9. a realistic brown rectangle that looks just like a candy bar. With bite marks from kids who were fooled by other kids.

10. The 1999-2000 Central Connecticut State University basketball schedule.

11. A Texas wildflowers magnet that I bought in the Dallas airport after an RWA meeting.

12. A picture of George Bush sitting across from Pope JP2. The pope is resting his forehead in his hand looking as if he's in despair. Under the picture are the words "Holy shit, he is even dumber than I thought." A gift from the BIL so we keep it, even though the hold power isn't all it could be.

13. A telephone shaped magnet with the number of a defunct movie theater on it.

There are about a thousand more, all about as interesting as these (in other words, not particularly). The only really gorgeous ones are ceramic fish my sister the potter made. Unfortunately they've all taken enough dives that the fish are missing tails and fins.

You can't see most of the magnets because they're all doing their job, holding bits of papers...... Phone numbers, schedules, school papers that got good grades, snotty comix (usually clipped by kids), drawings, newspaper clippings, permissions forms, family photos. And other stuff.


  1. I came a-visiting from the link on my old blogspot blog, which is still up. And to think, I moved from blogger because it crashed all the damn time.

    We used to love buying fridge magnets at aquariums and zoos, really realistic lizards and frogs, but it was heartbreaking since the damn things were so fragile.

  2. so is balls and walnut gone forever? will those silly servers understand that it's not an optional site?


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