Giving away the books

I'm almost up to 500 friends at Facebook (and I think I've even met about 100 of them.) Four hundred ninety nine! So whoever the 500 is will get a Summer ebook, unless it's one of my nieces or some other relative. No way I'm sending them a Summer ebook. I'll send them an ehug instead. Or maybe the damn Christmas present I owe one of them.

And HEY LISTEN!!! you have until noon to put in a comment below and maybe win a book. Go on, you can do it. You can answer Vivian's questions.

While I wait around for you guys to do your jobs, I'll go write a grocery list and eat a piece of Trader Joe's dried mango with chili powder. Yum, ow.

UPDATED: MJ Fredrick won the 500th friend book.


  1. Will you add me as a friend on Facebook?


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