1. See your inauguration photos here! Cousins! Big crowds! Mousepads! Stuff! It's a very cool entry. Like a slideshow sorta. Static though.

2. Seriously, I do not have any problem with religion. Just YOUR religion. No, no, you very silly person. That was a joke.

I even like visits from the Seventh Day Adventist who stops by my house every few months and gives me my latest copy of Watchtower. We talk about how big her kids have gotten. I'm touched she wants to save me from hell fires.


  1. Kate - you continually crack me up -- "I don't have any problem with religion. Just YOUR religion" lololol

    I thought Jehovah Witnesses did the Watchtower thing...

    Also, did you happen read about the apparently angry and off her rocker Mary Kay lady who left a little sumthin sumthin on a porch of a house when the person wouldn't answer the door? This is why I hide and mute the tv when any unexpected doorknocking happens at my house!

    :-) Michelle

  2. I was just reading Lauren Dane's blog and I realized that she is the one who had the post about the crazed Mary Kay lady -- it was one of her video posts, titled "Issues With Rage," subtitled, "oh man, some people really need to not sell things door to door." I'm laughing all over again just remembering it.

    And hey, happy birthday to the boy---the teen years are just around the corner...

  3. I got your package. Thank you very much.


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