Oh. A reader reminded me

Someone who'd read my first two books (those ancient volumes Somebody Wonderful and Somebody to Love) wrote me a note and asked me if any characters from either of those books show up in the Rat Catcher. After all, the books are all set in the same city and year.

Oh, yeah! I'd forgotten. There's an inarticulate guy, a cop, in Somebody to Love. He has a different name but he's the one that Cutter's based on. Not exactly the same character, but nearly. He fell in love with Araminta (the heroine of Someone To Love) I can't remember much about him except he wasn't a talker, but he really liked words. And he was a lot smarter than everyone gave him credit for -- which he used to his advantage in his work. Definitely Cutter's M.O.

Anyway. There you go, Betsy. Now I guess I should go find a copy of Someone to Love so I can remember that original guy's name.

Damn. I can't find the book. Ten points plus a coconut or cigar if you can produce his name.


  1. Sorry, all my Rothwells are boxed up in hermetically sealed cardboard.

    I'm back up! Live! Come see!

    What's the deal with Rat Catcher? When can I buy it?

  2. thank goodness . . . the world needs more balls and walnuts.

    And the book is free. You just click and download. Voila.


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