First resolution: Keep it small this year.

I will buy a better dog brush.

I will drink more red wine, less white (Why? Ah, but why not?)

I will do a better job of looking for stains whilst doing the laundry and use Shout with a more liberal hand.

When out running, I won't jog in place while waiting for the light to change (it makes the dog nervous and sorta looks funny) Notice no resolution to actually go out running? Too grandiose

I will try to vary the quality and timbre my sneezes, although I suspect that sort of thing is genetic (seriously. Ever notice how people in a family all sneeze the same way? My 2 adopted sisters have genteel cute lil sneezes....and the rest of us don't).

I will buy a new shower curtain.

I won't read any 2008 retrospectives
You got any resolutions? I stopped trying for the "I always break them so why bother" and the obvious "if I always break them then I resolve to do their opposite [eg eat MORE sugar]" followed by the "I don't believe in them" routine. I say go with the flow. Hey, there's another one: in 2009, I will go with the flow.


  1. Very ambitious, Kate.

    I like the not jogging in place one. I won't jog in place either to keep you company.

    Hope 2009 will be a great year for you.

    Rob Preece

  2. I too will not jog in place or anyplace else. wuldn't want to make anyone's dog nervous.

    hey there Miskate. how are you. the novel looks very good.

    kathi h ( remember me?)

  3. I resolve to be in a permanent employment position before the end of the year. Seriously. I gotta.

    I wish I had easy ones like you, m'dear.

  4. I'm going to be an ass this year. Being nice isn't working for me.


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